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About Me

Have you ever been so thoroughly excited about something that you had trouble containing it? Well, that's how I feel about this school year!
I have been teaching for more than a decade and this is my second "stint" here at Houston Elementary School. I have taught Pre-K, 4th, 1st, and 2nd grades. This is my 3rd year teaching 3rd grade. At one point I founded and ran my own school and there I taught Kindergarten and 5th. So, I pretty much have the grades covered!
A Detroit native, I traveled here to Talladega, AL in 1996 to attend "The Alpha Lyrae Vega of Them All" Talladega College. I graduated from Talladega in 2000 with a Bachelors Degree in Sociology. I worked for the Department of Human Resources (DHR) in Child Protective Services for a few years and during that time I had what I call my epiphany. While interviewing a child at a county school, the thought dropped into me: "I could teach!" So, I left the school, drove down to the Talladega County Board of Education, walked in and said to the receptionist "I want to be a teacher! What do I need to do??" She looked at me wide-eyed and asked me to repeat myself. I said it again - "I want to be a teacher! What do I need to do??" She directed me to the Superintendent who, luckily, was able to give me some direction.
In 2006 I graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Masters Degree in Elementary Education. At the time we needed to pass the Praxis and be deemed "Highly Qualified," which I proudly attained. I completed my student teaching assignment at Houston Elementary under the watchful eye of Dr. Dolia Patterson, then Principal of Houston. In October of that year, right as my assignment was ending, a teaching unit opened up and Dr. Patterson graciously offered it to me. I worked in first grade for 5 years and then left to open my own school.
I closed The School for Excellence in 2013 and began teaching within the Sylacauga City Schools (SCS) System. However I am also an entrepreneur (I am a national speaker, #1 bestselling author, and business coach). So I left SCS in 2015 to run my business full time. As fate would again have it, in October of that year, I was approached by Mr. Marvin Moten, the current Principal of Houston Elementary, to come back to Houston to serve in third grade. After praying about it, I decided to once again serve as a teacher at my "home school." 
I have been married to James Truss for almost 15 years and we have two sons, Gabe (7th grade) and Michael (3rd grade).
I am excited about this school and having the opportunity to work with such amazing children!
#HoustonRocks #MrsTrussTigerPride