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Evelyn D. Houston Elementary School

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Counselor's Corner

Meet the Guidance Counselor at Evelyn D. Houston Elementary School {H.E.S}
 Who is Pamela R. Gaddis?
A believer! A daughter, big sister, neice, mother (times two), a friend and educator.
She is a doer of unspeakable good deeds. She is focused. She is not idle, but prolific. Her heart is passionate. 
She is genuine, empathic, and attentive. Her smile is purposeful. She practices truthfulness, confidentiality, beneficence, 
fairness, non-maleficence, and fidelity. She meets no strangers. She accepts adversity, as well as good fortune.
She believes there is a time for everything. She gets excited around children, because they are unique. They are 
not afraid to smile or cry. They blatantly tell who, what, when, where, and/or why. This allows growth to there academic development, personal/social developmenet, and career development.
As guidance counselor I am here to encourage, advocate, and inspire every student to achieve his or her best, inside and/or outside of our school walls.  My desire is to assist in creating a positive school atmosphere that supports there academics, personal/social interaction, and career paths.
I believe all students regardless of socio-economic background, race, culture and/or religious beliefs 
should feel protected, supported, and respected while they are at school.
Background & Education
This is my twelfth {2020-2021} year in public education. I have taught Second, Third, and Fourth Graders.
I graduated in 2005 with my Associates Degree in General Business from Central Alabama Community College (CACC). I graduated in 2010 with my Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Alabama State University {ASU}. After several years, I went back to ASU and received my Masters of Education Degree in School Counseling grades.
Contact Me
School Phone: (256)315-5800 ext. 5806
Please feel free to write a note and put it in your child's folder for me.
I am on Houston's campus on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday morning's.
I am delighted to be apart of the Houston Elementary School Family and Talladega City Schools.
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