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Evelyn D. Houston Elementary School

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I am from Munford, AL. After graduating high school, I attended Jacksonville State University. I earned my BS in Computer Information Systems in 1991, my BS in Education in 1995, and my Masters in Education in 2002.
I have been married to Donald, a THS graduate, for 28 years. Together we have a beautiful 25 year old daughter, Heather, who was diagnosed autistic at age 5 and a 23 year old musically talented son, Timothy, who is working on his Masters in Music Composition at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. In May 2017 we were blessed with the addition of a beautiful and talented daughter-in-law, Sarah.
I answered a calling to being a teacher because I really believe children are our future. I enjoy being a key component in the process of molding them to be our future leaders, doctors, lawyers, and yes, even teachers. I love watching them grow, learn, and blossom into their full potential.
I began teaching in 1999 at Hal Henderson and have never regretted a moment in the classroom. I am truly thankful to the Talladega City Board of Education members, my administrators, and most importantly the parents for giving me the opportunity to work with the children of Talladega. I am also thankful to my past, present, and future students for challenging me to be the best I can be as their teacher. I look forward to the many joys and challenges to come.