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Evelyn D. Houston Elementary School

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I am from Munford, AL. After graduating high school, I attended Jacksonville State University. I earned my BS in Computer Information Systems in 1991, my BS in Education in 1995, and my Masters in Education in 2002.


I have been married to Donald, a THS graduate, for 32 years. Together we have a beautiful 29 year old daughter, Heather, who was diagnosed autistic at age 5 and a 27 year old musically talented son, Timothy, who has his Masters in Music Composition. In May 2017 we were blessed with the addition of a beautiful and talented daughter-in-law, Sarah. In March 2019 we were blessed again with the addition of our first grandson, Luke. We are now excitedly awaiting the arrival of two more grandchildren. (Yes, it’s twins!)


I answered the call to become a teacher because I really believe children are our future. I enjoy being a key component in the process of molding them to be our future leaders, doctors, lawyers, and yes, even teachers. I love watching them grow, learn, and blossom into their full potential.


I began teaching in 1999 at Hal Henderson and have never regretted a moment in the classroom. I am truly thankful to the Talladega City Board of Education members, my administrators, and most importantly the parents for giving me the opportunity to work with the children of Talladega. I am also thankful to my past, present, and future students for challenging me to be the best I can be as their teacher. I look forward to the many joys and challenges to come.